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Staying Connected

            The Internet is the influential technology of the Information Age, and with the innovations in wireless communication in the early twenty-first century, we can say that humankind is now almost entirely connected via networking. The internet has indeed made our lives, study and works simpler. People are able to communicate with ease, shop online, and even work from any remote part of the world. Finding and gathering information is easier, thanks to websites and articles. You can research anything and thanks to the ease of sourcing for content through search engines. This global network of computer networks of wireless communication ensures the production, distribution, and well-being of everyone.

No matter the nature of application such as entertainment, work, studies, even communicating with friends, there is no better medium to conduct all of these activities other than the internet. This has paved the way for the modern information era where people live in a digitalized and informed society. undoubtedly internet technology has come a long way since it was incepted. Advancements and innovations such as Cyberspace continue to thrive and shape our way of life.

             Express Network is one of the leading internet providers in Thiruvalla which provides a revolutionary internet experience for all. we provide services in Fiber Optic Broadband, leased line connections, and much more along with the very best internet surfing experience that offers high stable speeds, unlimited data limits & prompt customer service. Our data plans are at transparent pricing and we provide customized packages for the satisfaction of our clients.

What We Promise

Data limits and metered connections

      Yes, it’s so annoying when your internet notification comes up once you have used up your monthly allocation of data. You shouldn’t have to worry about your usage whether work, surf, or stream. Subscribing to Unlimited internet means unlimited emails, conference calls, VoIP, and anything else you need to do online. There are situations like just needing to quickly check your emails, unlimited internet gives you peace of mind. With unlimited internet at sizzling speeds, there’s no need to point fingers. Being one of the best broadband providers in Kerala, multiple users can come and go online as they please, and you can think about more productivity and benefits. we offer varieties of unlimited data plans at affordable rates provided with a team of technical support 24/7.

Reliability and speed

      With thousands of businesses connecting to their customers virtually and online classes in the pandemic, access to a reliable internet connection is a matter of survival. For work from home, online classes, and e-commerce businesses having solid and reliable data connection is absolutely vital. Express network is the genuine internet providers in Thiruvalla that keep you connected to allow you to multitask, stream videos, play games and complete any work without issues. Dedicated connections help ensure that your service doesn’t dip in terms of speed or reliability. Our network is designed in a way that automatically reroutes traffic to ensure seamless and reliable connectivity. Our web services are made to have your back in any case of connection failure and our point-to-point network is ensured as we deliver gigabit speeds assisted by competent support and a technical team

24/7 Technical support team

      The major thing about a genuine internet service is the access to your resources from anywhere, anytime, often with any devices with any technology. Nevertheless, there can occasionally be unexpected issues that are generated by hardware failures, connectivity problems. Here, the technical support is the one responsible for setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting the network connectivity including any wireless networks you might have inside the office, remote working, online conferences, or any other nature. Any connectivity error you might experience is directly handled by or IT support crew, so having one at your disposal is more an issue of eventual necessity.


       You have to know that Internet bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can pass through a network link in a given time and internet speed is the actual data where that passes through. bandwidth gets affected by various physical and software-related factors. the more bandwidth your internet provider is able to deliver, the faster you’ll get to do your things. Internet bandwidth is all about how much data can be downloaded or uploaded from your system with your internet speed Many ISP allows different bandwidth limits for downloading and uploading purposes. But the upload bandwidth is less than the download bandwidth in most cases as most of the activities done by users require downloading of data from the internet. Express network is a leading broadband provider in Kerala with effective bandwidths for better streaming, gaming, and other activities demanding bandwidth speed to get the best experience without a lot of buffering or lag.


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