HD Digital TV & 4K IP TV

Providing with more than 350 HD channels having crystal clear audio & video, Express network assures a cinematic television viewing experience round the clock. Our broadband customers range from normal households to MSMEs who vouch for our swift and comprehensive support backed by our technical team and the extensive Optic Fiber Cable(OFC) Network. Rather than delivering contents through the existing means such as cable television formats & satellites, they are delivered over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

This is termed as Internet Protocol television (IPTV) service. An approach like this offers features such as unlimited streaming of the source media continuously. Since we provide reliable & stable high-speed internet connections, you are able to watch your favourite shows & movies at any time without delays in high definition resolutions such as 4K. Unlike typical cable TV network operated services where bad weather can influence viewing experience, our IPTV services won’t be affected by weather problems. Also, the possibility of internet downtimes or bandwidth throttling will not affect your viewing. Choose from our customized plans that suit your budget & usage.

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