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Life without the internet is a thousand times harder, we all evolve and improvise according to advanced technologies and creative innovations. Information is everything, From simple Internet browsing to conference video streaming meetings, access to faster internet is worth your investment. Anything you need to find, discover or learn about, you go straight to Google, right? and With the internet at your disposal, anyone can easily upskill yourself, achieve mastery in academics you have no formal education in, and become skillful at any task imaginable. you can easily browse the Internet With a speedier internet connection able to open multiple pages at the same time with better speeds. Looking back to the past Lacking options, you’d probably end up doing manual work just to get by. today, we already know that a faster internet connection is a necessity for students, work and fun purposes too. The main thing we look for while choosing over an internet service is it should be robust, reliable, and fast. The number of active internet users in-country is keeping on rising approximately  45 percent to 900 million by mid of 2025. if you are looking for a reliable and fast internet connection which you can really trust, then you are in the right place! Express Networks is one of the best Internet services in Thiruvalla.

So, what if you had an internet plan that delivers agile connections suitable for work from home, online classes in addition to HD TV channel streaming at an affordable price?. If that is what you are looking for, then Express Network is the ideal choice for you. Being a division of MediaOne, we provide the best internet services in Thiruvalla. we aim to deliver fast, reliable, and secure internet services at the most affordable prices for our users according to the market. With a subscription to our services, everything from browsing, downloading to uploads finishes in the blink of an eye. By the effect of the pandemic, internet users have tremendously increased even among remote corners of the globe. The majority of people including working professionals and students choose to work from home, children attend online classes with live streaming sessions, and video conferenced networking for working IT professionals, and much more. slow speeds and lags will be a major issue for them, Unlike other internet services that may slow down at peak hours, we offer stable and reliable services that deliver a 24/7 technical support team even at the busiest hours. If you want an internet plan that doesn’t slow down and reliable connectivity at any time, then feel free to upgrade to our fiber technology-powered broadband connections.

Our services

Internet leased line

We provide the best internet connection in Kerala such as an Internet Leased Line or ILL connectivity service that has provision to un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads very beneficial for business needs and purposes cutting off bandwidth issues and sudden traffic spikes.

Optic fiber networking

Slow internet speeds, high jitter, and hang-back connections can be a headache and root cause of losses in business production and efficiency. With potential advantages such as cloud connectivity, voice over IP capabilities, and superior bandwidth, fiber optic networks assist the user with a powerful networking experience in business in staying connected.

Wifi networking

With the effect of pandemics and enhancing saturation for work from home, both students and working professionals opted for wireless internet services that allow users to access network resources from any convenient location. our wifi assists every user with stable and high-speed networking and browsing experience making our service the best internet provider in Kerala.

HD digital tv and 4K IP TV

Since HD became mainstream, everyone upgraded to 4k televisions. 4K TV features four times the number of pixels as a normal HDTV resulting in broader, clearer, sharper, and deeper, bolder colours images videos, and sound quality. 


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