In this fast-paced world, one thing that we all want is a fast and stable internet connection for fulfilling our online needs. Ever since COVID-19 put us all in lockdown mode, we have all resorted to the internet for doing our office works, attend classes, watch our favourite movies, TV shows & more. As most of us use cellular networks for Internet purposes, it usually has a daily data limit after which the speeds are throttled.

So, what if you had an internet plan that offered blazing fast speeds suitable for work from home, online classes and also coupled with HD TV channel streaming for an affordable price?. If that is what you are looking for, then Express Network, the best Internet service providers in Thiruvalla is the right choice for you. In this blog, we explain the reasons to choose our fastest broadband plans and the benefits you get in the long-run.

The issue with slow speeds

The biggest issue that we all face is slower internet speeds. It’s frustrating because it ruins our internet experience. Also, we pay a hefty amount of money for availing internet services from mobile operators and other broadband providers that claim high speeds. The reasons for a slow internet can be many factors either due to weak signal strength, hardware or software issues or from the ISP provider’s side. If everything is clear on our part, then denying a slow internet connection is not justifiable by any means. Express Network is known for its best broadband services in Thiruvalla. On choosing our affordable plans, you get to experience the fastest internet speeds unlimited.

Also, during the lockdown period, internet usage has tremendously increased. Most people are now working from home, children attend online classes and live streaming sessions and more. So, for factors like these, slow speeds must not be an issue.

The Express Network plan

Being the best Internet service providers in Thiruvalla, we aim to deliver the fastest internet services at the most affordable prices for all people. However, the major obstacle we faced was unstable speeds. This is what led us to implement broadband internet services through fiber optic networking technology. As we know that fiber technology possesses superior advantages than that of traditional coaxial cables. This includes faster bandwidth transmission, less latency, and much more. Being the best fiber broadband service provider in Thiruvalla, our services have been availed for many purposes that require a stable internet connection. Our broadband services are suitable for any internet-related purpose such as office work, educational classes, entertainment, etc. Also, you get the opportunity to enjoy 200+ TV channels in HD quality along with our unlimited internet plans.

Switch to Express Network

Offering a high-speed internet service based on fiber optic networking, access to unlimited internet and HD TV channels and more added benefits makes us the best option for your internet needs. Although many other companies offer broadband internet, however, the quality of our services is far better than theirs. You will no longer need to fight with your ISP provider for slow speeds ever. With our services installed, everything from browsing, downloading to uploads happens in the blink of an eye.

Our best broadband services in Thiruvalla are ideal for your child to attend their online classes and for you to do your work from home easily. Unlike other internet services that slow down at peak hours, our services are always stable and fast 24/7 even at the busiest hours. If you are looking for an internet plan that doesn’t slow down and offers instant connectivity at any time, then make the switch to Express Network’s fiber technology-powered broadband services. You can either contact us or check out our website to know more about our services in detail.


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