Well, 2020 has not been kind to us as we know but it is coming to an end now. Everyone is now looking forward to a better living in 2021. However, one thing that has increased in 2020 is obviously internet usage. Even though internet usage has been increasing since recent years, 2020 saw a huge surge thanks to lockdown protocols implemented worldwide. Anyway, with the introduction of 5G network, the need for fiber optic broadband internet services are needed. 

From streaming movies, working to attending online classes, the internet is essential. People now want the fastest internet at cost-effective prices. When it comes to that fibre broadband is one such choice. But who provides the best services?. This is where Express Network helps you with our ultra-fast internet services.

The need for speed

Even though most people now use the internet, not everyone enjoys it at a stable speed. This is because those people are either using a mobile internet which is either slow or there is coverage. issues. Since high-speed internet plans costs, most people with less financial backgrounds are unable to obtain instead they resort to cheap plans that have limited data and irregular speeds. Come on, this is not the early 2000s.

With fiber optic broadband services introduced, it offered higher speeds at any time but still, the cost was a major concern for people. This is what we want to remove. We provide unlimited internet powered by fibre network at budget costs. With Express Network, the need for speed is fulfilled.

Switching to fiber optic broadband

As 2021 is coming right around the corner, so does the increasing need for internet services. So, if you haven’t switched to our fibre broadband services, this is the right time to do it. The following reasons tell why:

High speeds

The biggest advantage of fiber optic broadband is that it offers higher speeds as the medium of data transmission in fiber cables is through light. This means that fiber broadband is faster than other forms that use copper or DSL cables. As browsing and download speeds are insanely fast, this is a preferred choice for companies that need to communicate and exchange data instantly. Higher speeds mean online classes will be smooth with no lagging at all. You can chat with your office colleagues as if you are sitting next to them.

Higher Bandwidth

This is particularly important for those working from home or attending online classes. In both these scenarios, the data transmission must be instant and seamless. Even though mobile internet or the ones powered through DSL cables provide speeds, it might not be stable all the time. However, with our fiber optic broadband services, you get to experience higher bandwidth at any time.

Resistance to Weather Extremities & Interference

One of the main problems in traditional internet connectivity set up is interference and weather conditions as these two factors can affect the signal strength particularly with Wi-Fi signals at home. This interference can block transmission on the usual copper and DSL cables. However as fiber broadband uses light for data transmission, there are no issues with interference.

Also, even at extreme weather conditions, there won’t be any problem with internet connectivity. If you want to achieve the best internet speeds at any time without interference, then switching to our fiber technology-powered broadband is the best option before moving to 2021.

Choose your plan wisely

When it comes to choosing an ideal fiber broadband internet service providers in Thiruvalla, Express Network is the best there is, there’s no doubt in that. As a customer, we all want to enjoy internet connectivity at its best without burning a hole in our pockets. 2021 is coming with better technologies, faster connectivity features and more. In a time like this, why stick on to regular broadband services with irregular speeds?.

Internet usage will rise in the coming years and the only way to stay connected and updated is to have an ultra-fast fiber broadband service. Our broadband services are ideal for any internet-related purpose such as your office work, your children’s educational classes or unlimited entertainment. Apart from our broadband services, we also offer live streaming, WIFI networking, HD Digital TV that allows you to enjoy 200+ TV channels in HD quality. Choose our services today and experience the internet like never before.


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